What is POP?

What is POP display rack?
POP display (Point of Purchase Advertising), that is, the advertisement(tools) that appears at the time of purchase and the place of purchase. As the name suggests, it is a tool that can increase customers' desire to buy. There are many types of POP display racks, whether it is an advertising board, a display rack or an acrylic box, we can collectively call them as POP display rack.

POP display racks are generally placed with the goods or directly support the goods. POP is often seen at checkout counters. It may be one of the most widely used tools in sales.

POP display rack provided by the supplier
POP has become the main strategic tool for physical store sales. Most suppliers will provide some kind of POP equipment (display rack) to the physical store. These POP devices (display racks) can highlight the advantages of the product and arouse the interest of customers. When customers enter a dazzling array of stores, a well-designed pop is especially important.

The POP display rack can be as simple as a sign, or it can be complicated to add various electronic accessories including electronic screens. For example, a retailer can use a color-printed cardboard with some promotional language or discounts printed on it. When customers pass by, it is easy to attract attention and increase the desire to buy. This is just the most common example of POP. Or, you can make some more complex and beautiful POP display racks to promote a certain model (or a complete series) of products to create a particular sales zone.

 Where to put the POP
In the early days, POP display racks were generally found in the payment area. However, nowaday, manufacturers and retailers have discovered that POP display racks have significant effects in different corners of the store. Imagine when you enter two different shops, one of them is just seeing a product, and the other one has made a beautiful POP display beside the product, and this display also introduces the function of the product in detail. As a consumer, which store is more attractive to you?

A study found that the sales effect of a POP display rack is 20% higher than that without a POP display rack. The POP display rack can be a hanging display rack or a poster, or it can be installed on a store shelf. As long as they don’t disturb customers’ purchasing behavior, they are a good tool to attract people spending.

 POP display stand, your best sales partner
To a certain extent, the POP display stand is a hard-working, non-stop promotion specialist. They can effectively extend the time of the customer to stay in the store.

When considering that about 70% of the purchase decision is made after the customer enters the store, then, when you are deciding your next sales strategy, should you be pay more attention to the design of the POP display stand?

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