The trends of POP

The design of POP (point of purchase / display rack) can hardly find two identical. The design of POP is targeted. POP will have different requirements because of different types of stores, products, and sales locations. Pop is an indispensable part of sales.


Just like physical stores, which update over time, the appearance and role of POP are also changing to provide more modern features, accommodate new products and provide buyers with a better retail experience. For products like shampoo, rather than high-end electronic products like the iPhone, a well-designed POP can transform customers' daily chores into an unforgettable consumer experience. We will discuss the main trends of POP from the perspective of function and design, and recognize that when different elements are combined, designers can successfully use the consumer psychology of customers, thereby improving marketing performance.


The trends of POP functionality


POP display racks must consider the subtle relationship between product function and customer interaction during the design stage, and consider how the application of the product affects consumer habits : For example:


Mobile phone display racks, for POP display racks equipped with valuable electronic products such as iPhones, POP display racks need to firmly fix the mobile phone on the display rack to prevent theft or product damage due to improper operation, while allowing customers to flexibly extract products, touch products and interact with them.


For cosmetic display racks that display lipstick, POP display racks need to make it easier for customers to buy products of different styles in the product group. Effectively extend the customer's spending time in the store.


Under these circumstances, the realization of the function of the POP display rack has become a project that every marketing colleague must seriously study. This includes striking a balance between product safety and experience. This is the trend of POP display racks, because being able to physically view, touch and feel products is the main reason why customers choose to go to a physical store instead of online shopping. Of course, this principle also applies to other daily necessities.


POP design trends


In addition to the ability to interact with and protect products, POP display racks also need to shoulder the task of attracting customers' attention. So many times we will design a set of display racks for the same series of products to create an "shop-in-shop" effect.


QR code application


Print the QR code to the POP display stand, make the POP display stand design more concise and provide customers a effective way to obtain product information. Of course, the QR code can also benefit the production company of the product, because it can obtain the target market data more intuitively, such as obtaining the customer location, time, product model, etc.


Using electronic display to promote product


Since electronic displays are easier to attract customers' attention than traditional printed leaflets / posters, electronic photos and videos are increasingly appearing in POP display racks. The widespread use of electronic display screens allows marketers to more effectively promote new promotional activities while providing customers with richer content.


How POP trends affect customer psychology


No matter what products are sold on your POP display, you can apply the basic principles of visual marketing through color, design, and placement. These factors have a greater impact on customer psychology than other factors. When deciding the design and placement of POP display racks, you need to consider the following points:


Color psychology:

Black represents noble and mysterious, it’s ideal for luxury goods. Green is related to nature and suitable for hygiene or health care products. Yellow has the ability to stimulate appetite. Blue can enhance confidence and make customers feel trusted and comfortable. Red is a good choice for promotion.


POP display stand placement


When the integration of function and design is completed, and the balance between product safety and interactivity is achieved, the last decision you need to make is where to place the POP display stand. To make this decision, consider validated customer psychology data, which shows that the increase in visibility alone will increase sales by 30%.


At the same time, you should also pay attention to the placement of the products around the POP display rack. Can they arouse customers' interest in your products? 95% of human consumption decisions are determined by the unconscious, so don’t underestimate the impact of physical product placement on sales.


Putting POP application trends into practice


Now you know the factors to consider when making a POP display stand: function, design, safety, interactivity and consumer psychology, including color and placement. When designing the next POP display stand, please consider how to do better for each factor:


• What functions can be used to make the product more useful?

• How to ensure product safety? Prevent theft or misuse?

• Can POP display racks provide more opportunities for customers to interact with products?

• What colors should be added to the POP display to encourage "consumption" actions?

• What is the best place to put a POP display rack in the store?


Whether it is a product image design company, a retailer or a brand, we can make the most suitable POP display rack for you according to your requirements. We are willing to face challenges and have the ability to go from concept to mass production. If you have any questions or need for customizing POP display racks, please contact us. Our team is always on call.