Factors influencing customers purchasing decisions

There are many factors that affect customers' purchasing decisions. In today's competitive retail environment, you must understand and use the factors that have a positive impact on sales.


What are the most important factors influencing consumers' purchasing decisions today?


-For retailers, they must learn how to make the store have a good sales atmosphere. You should make good use of it to make consumers create a comfortable shopping environment when buying in your store. It turns out that people buy more when they "feel good"!


-Product display racks are an effective way to make your products stand out from the competition. In addition to the concept of sales atmosphere, how to display your products will also have an impact on sales. Customers like creative, neat and organized stores. Display rack can help you achieve all these goals. We should pay more attention to how to highlight our products in this respect, for example, through different colors’ combination to make the products stand out.


-High quality packaging is very important. Whether you want to ship products or display certain brands on the counter, please do not ignore this important step. Printing your brand on product packaging is also a good choice, because some studies have shown that as many as 90% of consumers will reuse packaging, please do not miss this free opportunity for repeated publicity.


-Employees' attitude towards customers is also a part that cannot be ignored. Today’s consumers are very picky. In a mature and highly competitive market, they can buy almost anything they want with just a “click”, but when shopping in a physical store, customers will crave good service. Sometimes customers will not patronize you just because of a sentence, please always focus on the training of employees' attitudes and services to customers!


-Reputation is the guarantee of sales. Word of mouth is spread by word of mouth, plus the power of social media sharing, sometimes this invisible power is more effective than advertisements made with money. It is a good choice to build a kind and compassionate image for your brand.


-Price is always one of the most important factors for consumers. But don’t get me wrong, cheap is not always better. Through some of the factors we mentioned above (shopping area atmosphere, display racks and packaging), you can effectively charge higher fees. Your price is also showing your quality.


-Online sales. I believe that there is no need to explain why we need to make a web page. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an online store or a web page that all competitors cannot match, but you must have it. And also include social media. Because customers will decide whether to buy your product through this aspect.


-Return policy is not usually the top priority for every brand, but clearly letting customers know your return policy can make customers more confident and make faster decisions when buying your products.


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